Who We Are?

From capitalism to creativitism

Capitalism is the base of today’s social system. It emphasizes the amount of money and the economic efficiency.


It has really enriched human beings. But at the same time, It has always generated and widened disparities. 

Most of all, under the principle of Capitalism, we have been giving up precious culture and wisdom such as traditional festivals, rice cultivation, small businesses, etc. That’s the saddest matter for us.


However, what if we change our point of view? If we value the joy of creation, not money?


There will be no wasteful nor useless things. Even “failure” will become essential spices for experiencing the joy of creation,

and “dropouts” will be those who just haven’t fully utilized their creativity and have much room to grow.


If we only shift our point of view, the world in front of us will completely change its appearance. 


This is the approach of Creativitism. Instead of placing the quantity of money as the most significant value, we place the joy of creation as the most. 

Instead of Capitalism based on a mechanistic view of the world, we take Creativitism based on a life-theoretic view of the world. 


The key to trigger this paradigm shift is changing “narrative”, we think.


The current systems based on Capitalism cleverly control our narrative, because it’s more convenient for them if we continue believing that money is the most important. As long as we believe this narrative, we will work hard to make the current systems stronger and stronger.


Narrative controls the view, view controls the interpretation, interpretation controls the emotion, emotion controls the choices, choices control the behavior, behavior controls the environment, and environment controls the world.


Therefore we will reassess artifacts, events, and daily activities of human beings, and weave them into a new narrative from Creativitism, instead of Capitalism.


Narratives of people who are not relying on justice or power, but on what they value.

Narratives of people who create the world around them by their own hands.


We wanna become such “Paradigmshifter” who create and live as if they are playing. 

If possible, together with you.


Everyday, everyone on this planet can be enthusiastic about creating.

guiding question

Does it let human creativity flourish?

Our Paradigm

“World” is not a single, unique, universal world. It is a collection of rings, as many as there are lives.

“Time” is not a linear flow toward the end. It is an infinite spiral created by each individual life.

“Resources” are not finite. It is an endless bounty that will never run out.


From “Capitalism”, which places the quantity of money as the key to value, to “Creativitism”, which places the joy of creation as the most significant value.


The domination of ” narrative” by the current social system that robs human creativity

Theory of Change

Through creating the magazine “Paradigmshifter” and “Universitas of Paradigmshifter”, we will discover and describe new “narratives” in order to replace the system-imprinted view of “a world of scarcity and competition” with a view of “a world of abundance and co-creation”.